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TalentJunction.world is an outstanding online web platform for both talent seekers and talent providers.

As a legally binding document between the user and Talent Junction, this Agreement will be efficacious upon your consent of the same and will administer the relationship between the user and Talent Junction. It is essential that you read, agree to, and accept all the terms and conditions included in this Agreement in order to use our site and our Privacy Policy. If you wish not to agree to the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you must not use or access the site.

This Agreement is between Talent Junction and the guest users or registered users of the Site. It describes the conditions on which Talent Junction offers you access to its Site and Services.

The terms and conditions mentioned govern your access to and use of Talent Junction Website, which includes any content, services and functionality offered at the site.
The site may be used by people above 18 years of age. Anybody below 18 years of age may not use this site or the services offered by Talent Junction. Use of the website warrants that you are 18 or above and fulfil all legal criteria and eligibility including age to enter a binding contract with Talent Junction. If you do not meet these requirements, you may not use or access this website.

Services Provided:

  • Sellers (Service Providers) - The sellers/talent providers, who will list themselves on our portal, hereby agree and allow the prospective sellers to book their services online.
  • Buyers (Service Recipients) - The buyers who will book such freelancers to perform tasks required by the buyers.
  • Both the Buyer and the Seller hereby may clearly understand that the Buyer / Seller, as the case may be, can be from anywhere, either from India or abroad.
  • Talent Junction delivers its platform to its users for viewing the products/services displayed on its website. Its platform enables the buyer to enter into purchase transaction with the seller of the products/services. Talent Junction is not a part to any transaction by or between the users and the seller.
  • Talent Junction does not create, prepare, manufacture, manage, sell, resell, influence or control the products offered by the retailers to the users. It is not liable or responsible for the same in any manner.

However, Talent Junction may use the content/videos/images/you-tube links/text/any other information uploaded by the sellers registered on the portal of Talent Junction for marketing/promotional purposes. These may be used to promote the seller or the platform/website of Talent Junction. The uploads may be used on digital/social/print media to promote the work of the sellers/talents. This is part of the service provided by Talent Junction to get you large viewership and get you the best coverage and exposure to Hirers. However, this service of promotion of your uploads is not mandatory and is subject to sole discretion of Talent Junction and the plan you have purchased on the Talent Junction platform. Depending on your plan, Talent Junction uses your uploads to promote your work or may use them to promote the platform/website. In case, you do not wish your content/uploads to be used for promotion, kindly do not register on our website, since this is part of the services offered by Talent Junction.



Talent Junction provides its services only to the people who are competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. It does not provide its services to un-discharged insolvents, minors etc. or who are otherwise not allowed under any applicable rules, regulations and laws. Such people are not eligible to use and access the site. Any users who have been barred by Talent Junction previously from using or accessing the site under the terms of this Agreement or under the applicable rules, regulations and laws are also not eligible from using and accessing the site.

A minor can make use or avail the services provided by Talent Junction under the supervision of his parents or of legal guardians. In such a case, the parents or legal guardians will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Talent Junction.

By the use of the services provided, the user presents and warrants the following:
  • The user has the authority, right, and capacity to agree or enter into these Terms and Conditions.
  • The information rendered by the user is true and accurate.
  • The user is not a competitor of Talent Junction. The user is not using the provided services for any kind of reasons that are in competition with Talent Junction.
  • The user is eligible to give assent to the information as required herein to Talent Junction and that such information is not confidential. It is not in violation of any restrictions according to the contract or other third party rights.
  • The services of Talent Junction are not used for any purpose that infringe upon any applicable laws.


  • Talent Junction requires its users, though optional, to register themselves with its portal by creating an account for making or accessing the use of the services being rendered by Talent Junction.
  • For creating an account with Talent Junction’s portal, it is prerequisite for the user to provide personal information such as Name, age, Address, Email Id, Mobile number etc. It is absolutely necessary that the information which the user shall provide is true, complete and correct for such purpose and does not represent any other person.
  • The user shall be in complete control of and be responsible for his user name and the password and any misuse of the same shall not be attributable to Talent Junction.
  • The user shall be completely liable for action which may arise out of sharing or disclosing of his username and password. Any abuse or unauthorized use of the same should immediately be notified to Talent Junction.

Access to the User:

Subject to the compliance of the user on a lasting basis with all the Terms & conditions stated herein, Talent Junction hereby allows the user permission to use Talent Junction only as put forth in these Terms & Conditions, and provided that:

  • The user shall not make any changes in the content of the website in any way other than filling the registration form and uploading samples of work. These are the only actions authorized expressly by Talent Junction and the user can only do these. Any modification other than that which is authorized explicitly by Talent Junction is not allowed and will be liable to legal action.
  • The user shall not circumvent, evade, disable, damage, impair, incapacitate, attempt to violate, or violate, or otherwise impede with the integrity or security of Talent Junction, the appropriate functioning and operation of Talent Junction, the features that restrict or prevent the copying or use of any content or impose limitations on the use of Talent Junction therein, distribute or copy any part of Talent Junction in any medium or impede with any activity being regulated on Talent Junction website;
  • The user shall not violate any relevant existing Indian laws, Terms & Conditions or policies of Talent Junction or third party rights;
  • The user shall not post on Talent Junction website inaccurate, objectional, false, defamatory, misleading or defamatory content (including personal information);
  • The user shall not host, distribute, post spam, pyramid schemes, chain letters, unsolicited emails, viruses or any other technologies that may harm Talent Junction, or may harm the property or interests of other users;
  • The user shall not harvest or collect information about other users, which include email addresses, without their express consent. Any kind of such activity or any physical, verbal, written or other abuse of any of Talent Junction’s customers, members, employees or officers by the user may result in the termination of the account immediately and forbiddance to access Talent Junction website.
  • The user hereby gives his / her consent for these Terms and Conditions.


  • A user who has been registered may choose to upload under his/her account on the Talent Junction site, an offer of services (called “Proposal”). The user will be acknowledged as “Seller” which may be accepted by another user called “Buyer”. This will be as per the mutual understanding of the Seller and the Buyer. The engagement, management and contracting of the project shall be between the Seller and the Buyer without binding of whatsoever nature on Talent Junction.
  • The Buyer is responsible for accepting, inspecting, managing and paying for competent services and deliverables according to his/her agreement with the seller in a timely manner. The Seller is liable for the quality and performance of the services in compliance with his/her agreement with the buyer in a timely manner. The Buyer and the Seller each agree to act with mutual faith and trust in performance of the Job Agreement entered into between them.
  • The Buyer and the Seller agree and acknowledge that the relationship they share is that of independent contractors. The Seller shall execute services as an independent contractor and nothing in this Agreement shall be considered to create an agency, joint venture, partnership or employer-employee relationship between the Buyer and the Seller or between any Buyer or Seller and Talent Junction.
  • Talent Junction is not a part of any deal, contract and fulfilment of any Job agreed to between a Buyer and a Seller. Talent Junction has no control over this and does not guarantee the safety, authenticity, quality, or legality of any services performed or delivered, advertised, created, the accuracy or truth of job listings, background, the abilities or qualifications of registered users, the potential of Sellers to perform services or the potential of the Buyers to pay for the services. It is not the responsibility of Talent Junction and it will not control the manner of operation of a Seller. It is also not a part in the working, hiring or firing conditions of the Seller. All the obligations and rights for the purchase and the sale of services or other deliverables are solely between the Buyer and the Seller. Talent Junction is not responsible for providing Freelancers with any tools or materials to complete any job. Freelancers and Employers should look solely to the other for performance and enforcement of all the rights and obligations which arise from agreements between them and any other terms, representations, conditions or warranties which are associated with such dealings.
  • Registration for or succeeding use of this site by any user or registered user will not be interpreted as implying or creating any relationship of agency, partnership, franchise or joint venture between the user and Talent Junction, in exception and solely to the extent expressly stated.
  • It is not an obligation or responsibility of Talent Junction to regulate the applicability of any taxes or to report, collect or remit any such applicable taxes, unless otherwise agreed to by both the parties in accordance with the rules, regulations and laws applicable in India and the registered users are solely accountable and responsible for the same.
  • Talent Junction wishes that seller should begin work after the buyer has paid for either the entire service or part of the service. It is essential that the Sellers should always ask the buyers to pay first. Talent Junction does not guarantee any payment to the seller for the work done before the buyer orders either the whole service or part of the service.
  • It is compulsory that the seller should strictly adhere to the “Minimum expectations of our buyers” as listed for each service category while uploading the products. It is not the responsibility of Talent Junction for the seller’s non-adherence to such requirements.

Payment and Transfer of Funds

Talent Junction will charge one-time payment from sellers at the time of registration which will give them membership of Talent Junction for a certain period. This membership, invariably valid for one year or as the case may be, gives them the opportunity to upload their products/services on Talent Junction. The phone numbers, email Id and other contact details will be uploaded on the website allowing buyers to contact the sellers directly. Talent Junction will not be party to any such deals between the buyer and the seller that occur due to the usage of this website.

Cancellation of Order:

Talent Junction requires Buyers and Sellers to settle service disputes mutually and will not be party to or liable in any way to cancellation of agreements between the buyer and the seller.

Intellectual Property Issues / Claims:

Since freelancers are eligible to upload their portfolio on the portal of Talent Junction, hence, there might be copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) theft claims / issues. Talent Junction does not take any responsibility for the same and it would be the responsibility of the individual concerned for using such copyrighted or IP material.

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