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The Privacy Policy of Talent Junction lays the tenets of the governance of the collection, usage, maintenance and disclosure of information from our clients. This Privacy Policy comprises of the below mentioned terms and regulations.


At, we value the trust that our visitors place on us when they visit our webportal. is an online platform for users and thus we are committed to maintain the highest standards of secure transactions and information privacy. We are solemnly committed to protect all the information that our users/visitors share with us. Our Privacy Policy defines the nature of the information that we collect from our users/visitors as an integral part of the operational procedures and how the information is utilized. By accessing our web portal, we treat it as your consent to the use and the disclosure of the personal information that you share with us strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We advise all our users and visitors to carefully read and understand our Privacy Policy, as by accessing the web portal you agree and accept the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy and give your consent to the collection, storage and use of your personal information. If there is any disagreement from your side with the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy, we strongly recommend you not to use or access our website.

We would also like to inform you that the Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice. Hence, we advise you to frequently visit our website and review our Privacy Policy from time to time on the web portal.

For any clarifications regarding this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.


We are strongly committed to protect your personal information. Our Privacy Policy outlines our current practices in regards to the information that we collect from your interaction with our web portal and by accessing our web portal, you accept and acknowledge our Privacy Policy and give your consent to the collection of the information and use it as per the practices described in this Privacy Policy.


We use your personal information to offer you the services that you request. All information is collected from the registration process and we need it to be able to deliver relevant services to our users/visitors. Information comprising of name, email address, phone number, address, payment information are asked for during the registration procedure. We might also seek information based on demography like gender, age etc. We will also monitor the activities carried out by our users/visitors to enhance our services from time to time. Cookies are used to offer and deliver better information to users and for analytics.


Any kinds of videos, images, you-tube links, word documents, text or any other information shared by you will/can be used by Talent Junction to promote/market you or the platform/website of Talent Junction. Your uploads may be used on digital/social/print media to promote your work or the portal of Talent Junction. This is part of the service provided by Talent Junction to get you large viewership and get you the best coverage and exposure to Hirers. However, this service of promotion of your uploads is not mandatory and is subject to sole discretion of Talent Junction and the plan you have purchased on the Talent Junction platform. Depending on your plan, Talent Junction uses your uploads to promote your work or may use them to promote the platform/website. In case, you do not wish your content/uploads to be used for promotion, kindly do not register on our website, since this is part of the services offered by Talent Junction.


Our web portal may contain third party advertisements or links. In case you are disclosing your personal information to any third party website, we would advise you to do so after you have read their Privacy Policy. Since we do not have any control on these web portals, you should evaluate their practices and then decide on whether you would want to share your personal information with them or not. We shall not be responsible for the information that these third party web portals collect from you and how they engage or use your information.


We are obligated to protect your personal information/data and to achieve this we have adopted various technical measures.


Talent Junction, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change or update the Privacy Policy. We strongly advise you to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to keep yourself updated with any changes that we make and how we are working to enhance and strengthen the protection of your personal information. Your accessing of the web portal indirectly conveys your acceptance and agreement to our privacy statement and any changes or updates that we make.


In addition to the confidentiality of your personal data/information, we assure you that we will deploy efficient and effective security measures and procedures in compliance with the relevant law to prevent unauthorized access, maintain accuracy of data, and ensure the correct usage of information.

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